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Let me explain what this programme is all about.
Ryan here,
Founder and Coach
I have personally spent years trying to figure out the best way to lose fat fast without giving the foods I really like, and also spent hours upon hours to improve my knowledge as a transformation coach.

If you’re anything like me, as much as you want a great physique with that 6-pack, and great muscle definition, you also want to live and enjoy the finer stuff in life.

You want a program that’s enjoyable, one that is easy to follow and at the same time seeing results. One that doesn't feel like a "diet" but rather just feels like a change in food choices and having a structure to your day.

You also want a training plan that helps you achieve your goals, and all you have to do is follow it, train hard and then watch your body change. 

Well thankfully, that’s exactly what I want to offer you a space on the 
Get Lean in 60. 
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    Don't Just Take my Word For It...
    See What Others Have Said...
    “I enjoyed the whole process, got in my best shape ever, can’t thank Ryan anymore”
    I’ve known Ryan a long time now and seen him transform his physique a number of times. So I decided to do it myself and hired Ryan to get me shredded. The programme was tough but he was very supportive and made me believe in myself.
    I never thought I could get into this kind of shape, I didn't think it was possible for me to do so. Ryan helped and motivated me through it all. It was tough but definitely worth it. I have learnt so much about my body and what works for me. 
    IN 60 

    • Not sure on what to eat: All your macros and calories are worked out already for you, you just have to follow the plan.
    •  Ongoing Support: I will be there for when you need support and questions you may have
    •  Your Coach: Well yes that's me - I will be guiding you through your whole challenge.
    •  Unsure on how to train: You will get your own Personalised Workout plan designed just for you.
    Take A Sneak Peek Inside the app you will be using!
    GET LEAN in 60
    Whats Included in the Get Lean in 60
    Custom Workout Programmes
    Tutorials Included (Valued at £97)
    • Workouts will be designed for your level of   fitness
    •  Gym and Home Workouts available
    •  All exercises are shown in  great detail
    Custom Meal Plans
    Tutorials Included (Valued at £97)
    • Based on your Food Preferences
    •  Vegans & Vegetarians welcome
    •  Cheat Meals Included too!
    Access To The App

    •  Track all Your Workouts 
    •  View Your Meal Plan
    •  View and compare your stats
    •  Ongoing support through the messaging service
    Supplement Guide

    • All supplement guidance included
    •  Based on your needs 

    Ongoing Support

    • Message me on the app 
    •  Questions answered within 48 hours
    Get Lean in 60
    FREE 7 Day Trial
    What’s Possible If You Follow the Get Lean in 60 Programme.
    Anything is achievable if you really put your mind to it.
    60 day get lean challenge
    Why My Clients Achieve Their Goals?
    •  Ongoing support is available at all times  during the challenge
    •  Being able to have the odd cheat meals so you can stay on track
    •  Workouts are scheduled to fit your own lifestyle
    •  Meal Plans are customised to fully match clients likes and dislikes
    •  As the challenge progresses clients will become a lot more confident as they see themselves improving all the time 
      Get Lean in 60 - The Most Complete Programme out there for ultimate Fat Loss. Get into the Best Shape of Your Life Whilst Feeling Great about Yourself.  
      •  Enjoy your workouts whether it's in the gym, home or at your local park. I have a workout for everyone
      •  No need to eat the same old food all the time. You will have plenty of options available
      •  Cheat/Off Plan Meals included, eat what you like from time to time. It won't feel like your dieting at times.
      •   Boost your confidence within yourself
      •  Learn new techniques that you can take away from this challenge and use once you have got into the best shape of your life
      This is your defining moment.
      Take your first step into getting into the best shape of your life.
      Frequently Asked Questions
      How much is the Get the in 60 after the 7 days Free trial has finished?
      It is only £47 per 30 days, So alltogether you pay only £94 for the whole 60 day challenge, prices will be increasing on 22nd March.
      What happens once I sign up?
      You will get a series of emails sent to you, so you can get access into the app. You will then fill out a consultation form with all your details. Once this is done, I will start putting together your programme which will take me about 2-3 days to complete. 
      How long will it take you to get back to me once I have messaged you with a question?
      I typically return messages within 48 hours
      I don't have access to a gym, does this matter?
      No of course not, I will design home workouts for you to do, just let me know what equipment you have, if any.
      What is the refund policy?
      It is a 30 day money back garentee if you don't make any changes within the first 30 days of progressing through the programme.
      I can only train for 30-45 mins in the gym, does this matter?
      No this is fine, working out for this amount of time is great anyway, keeping the workout intense is what we want.
      What happens after the Get Lean in 60 Programme finishes?
      Well that's entirely up to you, you can sign up again if you want. Or you can recommend someone else to join Get Lean in 60.
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